EMPIRE XCcel 6.00 released

Jun 2012
Fantastic new features

The first choice 3D time domain EM modeling tool for Antennas, Microwave Circuits, EM Chip design and more....
The new release 6.00 is even further optimized to solve huge structures, hundreds of wavelength in size.
“Faster on CPUs than others on GPUs”

Recent benchmark results again demonstrated the unbelievable speed of EMPIRE XCcel. EMPIRE features the XPU technology which is a unique software driven workflow among CPUs - invented at IMST. As shown in the release note, EMPIRE's performance on a single PC is much higher than using a graphic card solution.

In addition the performance is nearly independent from the structure size. In contrast to solutions which make use of graphic card accelerators (GPU) EMPIRE XCcel allows the usage of the complete built-in memory. On a 64 bit operation system up to 512 GByte can be used today with the full simulation performance.

New features include:

  • Thermal solver including heat sources, RF losses, conductivity, convection, radiation
  • Poser for human body models
  • High speed simulation on Solid State Disks (SSD)
  • Additional Optimizer algorithms (Global Direct, Nelder Mead, MSLS)
  • Optimization on single value goals (e.g. beamwidth, efficiency)
  • Human body thermal effects of EM radiation
  • Postprocessing (e.g. far field transformation) on remote servers
  • Field monitors for volumes, planes, paths, probes
  • Smooth display of fields on complex surfaces
  • Parameter sweep mapping to formulas or lists
  • Arbitrary oriented (off-axis) lumped ports
  • Active impedance simulation (simultaneous excitation of unequally numbered ports)
  • Enhanced field display features, e.g. markers in animations

Download Release note