EMPIRE XPU 7.00 Released

Dec 2014
Faster, easier and more powerful version

Since many years now, EMPIRE has been one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulator based on the powerful 3D Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD) which has become a standard for RF component design. Due to its unique XPU technology the performance of EMPIRE has never been reached by far using other software even if supported by GPU hardware acceleration.

This outstanding feature has now become part of the product name: EMPIRE XPU

The new version of EMPIRE features a completely redesigned graphical user interface with an updated arrangement of menus, navigation tree, toolbars and icons to ensure an intuitive simulation workflow.

The new release 7.00 is especially optimized to process huge amount of imported CAD data, i.e. files larger than 2 GByte can be imported in less than 2 minutes. Many other customer requests have been taken into consideration in order to account for the challenges in today's design tasks.

New features include:

  • Advanced parametric modelling, including symbolic equations
  • New wizards for far field and port array setup, layout import, multiple copy
  • Extended pick-and-place library for embedded projects, surface objects, layout features
  • Circuit simulation module including tuning and optimization capabilities
  • Field source excitation for measured or simulated data
  • Enhanced meshing algorithm for wire objects (keeping connectivity)
  • New time domain field probes
  • New marker features in 2D plots
  • Analytic correction for numerical dispersion of plane waves
  • Field normalization to arbitrary power/voltage/current levels
  • Color display of material distributions
  • Field dump compression methods for saving memory
  • Infiniband support on Linux for cluster solver
  • EIAV calculation inside human bodys according to ICNIRP guidlines
  • On-line help: Quick links to manual entries
  • New templates, examples and step-by-step tutorials

Download Release note including perfromance benchmarks. A demo version of the new release is available by filling in the demo request form.