New speed record: 7000 MCells/s

Jul 2015
A new speed record has been obtained with EMPIRE XPU

A new speed record has been obtained with EMPIRE XPU. On a dual Intel Xeon E2697 a simulation performance of up to 7000 MCells/s could be achieved using the current version 7.02.

With its on-the-fly structure and processor adapted code generation EMPIRE XPU fully exploits the processor architecture by using the second and third level cache for multiple time stepping and parallelization on all built-in cores.

In contrast to solutions which make use of graphic card accelerators the performance obtained with EMPIRE XPU allows the usage of the complete built-in memory.

With EMPIRE's cluster solver extension, several PCs can be linked together and the performance and RAM can be further increased.

The graph below shows the performance figures versus structure size compared to an up-to-date GPU solution.