Successful Code Compliance Benchmark

Nov 2015
EMPIRE XPU fulfills all requirements defined in IEC/IEEE 62704-1/D2 draft standard

EMPIRE XPU successfully passed all the code verification tests defined in the IEC/IEEE 62704-1/D2 draft standard:

 Determining the Peak Spatial-Average Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in the Human Body from Wireless Communications Devices, 30 MHz - 6 GHz- Part 1: General Requirements for using the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Method for SAR and other Exposure Calculations.

A report summerizing the results has been submitted to the regulation authorities.

The report demonstrates the compliance of the EMPIRE XPU software v7 with code verification requirements defined in IEC/IEEE 62704-1/D2 draft standard. The expected publication year of this document as an international standard is 2017. The requirements defined for code verification are in a stable version and are not supposed to undergo any technical modification before the publication date.The compliance of EMPIRE XPU software with IEC/IEEE 62704-1/D2 code verification requirements makes it applicable for determining the peak spatial-average Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in the human body from wireless devices, for mobile devices held in proximity with the human head or body, as well as for exposure to the field radiated by vehicle-mounted antenna, as respectively described in IEC/IEEE 62704-3 and IEC/IEEE 62704-2 draft international standards.

A copy of the report can be obtained on request. Please email to