EMPIRE XPU 7.60 Released

Dec 2017
New helpful features

Since many years now, EMPIRE has been one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulator based on the powerful 3D Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD). Due to its unique XPU technology is the performance of EMPIRE superior compared to most other EM solvers.

The outstanding features of the new version are:

+ Near and Far field superposition using circuit simulation coefficients
+ Conformal mapping of structures based on local coordinate systems
+ Industry standard encryption of read protected parts
+ Envelope correlation coefficient for MIMO antennas
+ History of Boolean operations, keeping parameters
+ Plot results versus parameters

Further new features include:
  • 2D Plot: energy versus time step
  • Postprocessing equation: find minima of S-parameters
  • Simplified source file selection in postprocessing equations
  • Dielectric loss optimization for target frequency
  • Upper limit for number of optimization trials
  • Field Monitor templates and preset capability
  • Far field cut preview in design mode
  • SMD setup wizard
  • Near field display with user defined colors and equi lines
  • Wire port support for LCS
  • Selectable background material
  • Anisotropic scale function
  • Selection of similar and non-similar objects
  • Component zoom
  • Functions open group / open object
  • STL export of far field pattern
  • New group mesh level: bounding box
  • New templates: Coupled Line Filter
  • New tutorials (conformal mapping, filter synthesis, CAD import)
  • Additional help page buttons

A demo version of the new release is available by filling in the demo request form.