EMPIRE XPU 7.70 Released

Dec 2018
Many new features

Since many years now, EMPIRE has been one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulator based on the powerful 3D Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD). Due to its unique XPU technology is the performance of EMPIRE superior compared to other EM solvers.

The outstanding features of the new version are:

  • QTEM Ports: accurate and easy-to-use quasi-TEM ports based on eigenmodes
  • Virtual Model Inspection Module: Visualize model and fields on virtual reality glasses (add-on module for HTC Vive)
  • In-Plane averaging of near fields, e.g. power density averaging
  • MIMO DCF (Display Correlation Factor) as alternative for MIMO ECC
  • New optimizers based on evolutionary algorithms
  • Simultaneous Simulation: Broad band phase delay support
  • Support of symmetry (magnetic walls) for ports
  • Object Library: New helical element
  • Circuit Simulation: New 5-port coupler element (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)
  • U3D export for creating 3D-PDFs from Empire models
  • BREP STEP export using Spatial's new Polyhedra plug-in available
  • Point source support
  • Grid angle adjustable in polar plots

Further new features include:
  • Menu for Multi-PC / On-disk simulation
  • Additional Space to boundary for Structure Type: Waveguide Antenna
  • Improved ODB++ Import
  • Anisotropic material support for HFSS import
  • Default Background material: Air instead of Vacuum
  • Improved Wire Port default values and meshing
  • Fixes for Boolean history
  • Gain and efficiency calculation with equations in superposition
  • Mouse wheel support for group list
  • Special character support in Gerber imports
  • Improved project import, mapping material to groups
  • Convection and radiation default values for thermal simulation
  • Easy-to-use impedance calculator for feed-line ports
  • New plot types for field path integrations, reference impedance
  • Improved two-sided loss models, for e.g. ground planes
  • Display of Gabriel material parameters in property editor
  • Updated CAD-Interface to Spatial InterOp 2018.1.0.2
  • Various stability and usability improvements
  • Line Templates with new QTEM ports

A demo version of the new release is available by filling in the demo request form.