In this section information about the usage of EMPIRE XPU can be downloaded as PDF and ZIP files:

  • Tutorials can be used to learn the software with a step-by-step approach. In each example a typical structure is set up, simulated and results are explained.
  • Experiments are intended for educational purposes and show basic EM theory. They are short Tutorials which contain a few steps only.
  • Videos show the usage of the software for typical application examples from start to end. Mouse movements and clicks are shown and the video can be stopped or rewinded at any time. Videos are guided by audio comments which explain all steps in detail.
  • Manuals contain the introduction of all built-in software features.
  • Publications which have been presented on conferences can be downloaded, which demonstrate how the software is applied in development and research.
  • User guides concentrate on special features built in EMPIRE XPU.
  • A list of recent upgrades, new features or revisions can be found in Updates.